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Harmonic Analysis on Piezo Actuator

    • victorchai12

      Hi everyone, 

      i'm facing a penetration problem with my analysis. i'm doing a harmonic analysis on piezo actuator. no problem on the piezo actuator part, but when the piezo push down the plate it penetrate the plate (picture 1). But after following the solution in this thread, the lower part got bonded to the piezo actuator part, it stiffens the geometry making it didnt bend like it should be. could you give me any solution regarding this. i attached the geometry as a reference. thanks in advance

      link to file :

       pic 1. the piezo trailing edge part penetrate the lower platepic 2. the lower part look like it bonded with the piezo trailing edge part, it makes the piezo trailing edge didnt bend

    • peteroznewman

      The lower picture is correct. Two sheets coming together do create a stiff structure.

      A Static Structural analysis with a tip load in the -y direction will show some a tiny deformation downward as the top sheet stretches and the bottom sheet compresses.

      An Eigenvalue Buckling analysis with a tip load in the -y direction will show the critical buckling load when the sheets go out of plane into a shape like mode 1 of the Modal analysis.

      I didn't open your model to look at where the piezo material is and what direction that material is expanding in, but you can see that motion in a Static Structural analysis.

      Modal analysis does not permit any nonlinear materials and has no loads.

    • Engy
      Hi everyone,nI am modeling a piezoelectric transducer using ANSYS workbench; but I have a problem in solving the harmonic analysis step.nI don't know what is the mistake in my modelnso anyone can help here ?nI can send the model my email.n
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