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General Mechanical

Harmonic Analysis – Results: Total deformation not identical on both sides

    • rmaur29

      After obtaining natural frequencies and modal shapes from modal analysis, I have attempted harmonic analysis to determine resonance frequencies by applying forces on each side of the model (one is 180 degree out of phase) to replicate the rocking simulation experienced by the conveyor drive assembly while pulley shaft is in operation (pulley torque). The application of y direction forces to the torque arms (which have been realised to free from fix support) represents the forces countering the torque which is trying cause a twisting motion of the assembly. Although the resulting solution seems to show excessive y axis displacement only on one side as per below screenshot.

      Any suggestion why this may be the case and there isn't an even deformation/displacement (of the drive assembly's) on each side?

      Im trying to apply a sweep of 1-50Hz and cover 3.8Hz as this has been identified as the problem frequency.

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