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Harness Diode question

    • Tennywang

      I'm doing my retro with e55 bi xenons, and because I'm on an h4 system, I want to make sure the low beam doesn't cut off when the high beam is turned on, so I'm using a diode to connect them.

      I was seeking the 1N4005 diode, which is shown in most designs. I couldn't locate that particular one. 1N4001 and 1N914(https://www.apogeeweb.net/circuitry/1n914-glass-axial-switching-diode-datasheet-pdf-download.html) were the ones I found. The 1N4001 is described as being 50V.1A, and I'm not sure what the other digits mean.

      Will 1N4001 work in place of 1N4005 in any case?


    • Anchal Singh
      Ansys Employee

      Does your query relate to simulation? May I know which Ansys tool you are using?
      Please make use of this forum for simulation-based problems related to Ansys tools.
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