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Having problem at connection after deformation(or Move)

    • Park JuHyeon

      Hi there,

      I'm having some trouble using Ansys Mechanical.

      My main goal is to simulate sheet metal forming using a punching machine. Specifically, I want to apply force to the shell and observe how it deforms and makes contact with the other punching machine.


      I've attempted several approaches so far:

      1. I tried both Transient Structural and Static Structural analyses. Based on my research, it seems that Transient Structural might be the appropriate choice, but if I'm mistaken, please do let me know.

      2. I used nonlinear contact, taking into account the effect of shell thickness, and controlled the pinball radius. Additionally, I used predict for impact in time step controls.

      3. I tried using displacement to make contact in the first step. However, I encountered an issue where fixing the distance prevented it from being free in the subsequent steps. To address this, I calculated the reaction force in the first step and applied it as a force in the next step, but it didn't converged.

      4. I also attempted to use contact step control, aliving contact in the second step, but it didn't work either.


      As I'm still relatively new to Ansys Mechanical, I would greatly appreciate any guidance on what other approaches I should try.


    • Nanda Veralla
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Park,

      If you're a commercial user, you should be familiar with Ansys Learning Hub. We have couple of introductory and advanced self-paced course on forming. This should help you master the concept. Let us know if this doesn't help.

      Structures | Metal Stamping - Getting Started Training (

      Structures | Metal Stamping - Intermediate and Advanced Training (



      If you are not able to open the links, refer to this forum discussion: How to access the ANSYS Online Help

      For more exciting courses and certifications, hit this link: Ansys Innovation Courses | Ansys Innovation Space

      Guidelines for Posting on Ansys Learning Forum



      • Park JuHyeon

        Thank you for response.

        While I'm awaiting my registration for learning hurb, the link's name appears quite adaptable to me.

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