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HDF5 Import to Ansys ACP

    • Hermann Lochmann

      Hello everyone,

      I'm trying to use the HDF-import feature for a methods comparison.
      In the first trys, I create a single ply with orientation, material etc. After that, I export the model to HDF5-format.
      The main model will consist of a bigger structure where i want to map a few of the exported single plys. But when I do, I always get the message:

      "Failed to import ACP model from HDF5 file ... : Unable to find key in unordered map"

      The Preview works well and I can the the mesh from the single ply. When I import the HDF-File to Hypermesh, there is no mesh, but all the other data. So I can easily apply the data to a mesh and it looks like it should. So I think there are all informations in that file, but ANSYS ACP could not handle with his own export.

      I hope someone has an idea and can help me.

    • Reno Genest
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Hermann,


      If I understand correctly, you are trying to export the HDF5 from Ansys ACP and import into Hypermesh correct?

      You get the error above when trying to import in Hypermesh?



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