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Head Injury Criteria (HIC) calculation in explicit dynamics for a helmet impact analysis.

    • yashs



      I am currently conducting an impact analysis on a helmet which I am designing for one of my school projects. The experiment is a simple collision between the helmet and a plate. I am trying to validate my design by calculating the HIC value from the analysis using explicit dynamics in ansys.  To calculate the HIC values, I need linear acceleration observed by the head form at C.O.G. The problem I am facing is for my setup is that I get incredibly high acceleration values ( in 5000+ g) which is kind of surreal and does not match the acceleration observed in the actual experimental data.  My boundary conditions are as follows:

      • Initial velocity= 5m/s is applied to the each component of the helmet assembly.

      • impact wall(rigid) is fixed using fixed support and is at a distance of 1.5 mm from the helmet 

      • the contacts used between helmet and the head form are frictional and asymmetric so that head rotation can be observed

      I may be post processing acceleration in a wrong way or I might have a problem with the contacts or boundary conditions. Please kindly suggest a plausible solution. Is there a simple way to calculate HIC directly other than what I am trying to do? 


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