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Discovery Import

Headlight thermal simulation

    • kin



      I have a look at capability of R19.1 and find  that  there is only one radiation in AIM, "Radiation to Space" .

      What if, I want to do a headlight thermal simulation in AIM, is it possible? 

      Thank you.

    • Gaurav Sharma

      Hi Kin

      Surface to Surface radiation is not an available option in AIM and all of the radiation energy is assumed to be exchanged with the surroundings at the specified Radiation Temperature, that is, the Form Factor is assumed to be 1.0. 

      For advance simulations, which requires exchange of radiation energy between two or more surfaces, in conjunction with radiation to space, it is recommended to use ANSYS flagship products as the radiation capability is not completely exposed in AIM.

      Thanks & Regards,


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