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Heat Exchanger Optimisation

    • Tejas Shenoy

      I am designing a Heat Exchanger for heating water(liq) flowing through a pipe. My goal is to test out different pipe configurations and come up with optimum parameters to maximise heat transfer. Any leads on how should I approach this problem?


    • Raihan Lutfianto

      Hi Tejas, you may take a look at these courses How Heat Exchangers Work - ANSYS Innovation Courses and Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger - ANSYS Innovation Courses. I believe you can get the big picture so that you can start designing your HX. If you would like to explore your configurations and parameters, you can start by defining the input and output parameters on Workbench. More or less the schematic will look like this.

      Further, you can ask on this topic Fluids (ansys.com)



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