heat flux imposing at wall / wall-shadow pair

    • desouzadacosta

      Hi All,

      I am trying to simulate a disk braking inside a fluid-domain.

      I imposed a variable heat flux in a portion of the surface of the disk that

      I named as brake-pad (a wall adjacent to the solid zone). Fluent automatically

      changed the thermal b.c. for the brake-pad-shadow to 0 heat flux. Is that

      the way to go ? Any comment of FLUENT experts are very welcome.


      P.S. The disk is entirely inside the fluid domain.

    • Konstantine Kourbatski
      Ansys Employee

      Indeed, Fluent will decouple wall and its shadow when you attempt to prescribe a thermal condition other than coupled. To specify a heat source and preserve thermal coupling between wall and its shadow, you can

      1) apply volumetric heat source to a layer of cells adjacent to the wall

      2) specify the wall as shell conducting, and apply heat source to the virtual shell cell zone

      Both approaches will require either domain decomposition or UDF to prescribe heat source in a desired region. You'll also need to heat flux input into volumetric heat source data

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