heat generation and viscosity change

    • bobd

      Dear all,

      currently I'm doin research about the hardening of bone cement. Because of the polymerisation reaction you have when you mix the different components your temperature of your fluent will rise hence your viscosity will change. I was thinking of putting this temperature rise in Ansys as an heat generation in your cell conditions. And then because of the temperature change the viscosity change. But I haven't find a way yet to do this properly.

      Has anyone maybe some tips to do this? Or maybe another way of modelling this? (I was thinking about species transport, but this is probably to much time consuming).

      Thank you in advance,


    • Karthik R


      Once you estimate the temperature as part of your solution, you can activate additional viscosity models under material properties. There are some models in Fluent which are dependent on the temperature like the Sutherland model, Power-law model or the simple polynomial model. If the material you are using a different viscosity model, you should be able to use the User Defined Function (UDFs) to code this up in Fluent. Please check out additional details about these models in the Fluent Theory Guide.

      Thank you.

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