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Heat generation problem

    • Mert41
      Dear All Experts;
      I am trying to solve a heat transfer problem in mechanical WB. but I could not solve yet.
      Schematic of problem is below.
      there is a steel and on this steel the electrical resistance is located. I want to see the temperature on nodes in steel.

      what do you suggest to solve a problem like this kind?
      Best regards.
    • Chandra Sekaran
      Ansys Employee
      This looks like a heat transfer problem. Is that a heat generation rate of 50 W/ m^3? So you input that and specify the convections in a steady state thermal analysis?
    • Mert41

      heat geneartion watt per meter, I try to solve problem steady state work bench.
    • peteroznewman
      The heater tape has a specification of 50 W/m but you have to convert that to W/m^3 for ANSYS by dividing by the cross-sectional area of the tape in m^2 that you created in ANSYS. You apply that to each heater strip body in the model.
      You can try this in a 2D model and include Symmetry regions at each end.
    • Mert41
      firstly I thank you for your reply and information.
      Here is the model with the boundary condition I created
      and the solution of according to these values. I think I am making mistake with the value.
      I selected heat flux 20 W/m^2
      Convection 100 W/m^2 C
      Ambient temperature 30 C
      model is 2d and symmetric model symmetric axis is the center of a heater.
      the result.

      best regards.

    • peteroznewman
      The boundary condition for the Heater Tape is Internal Heat Generation, not Heat Flux.
      In SpaceClaim, draw a rectangle for the cross-section of the heater tape on top of the steel block. Go to the Workbench tab and use the Share button to share the bottom edge of the heater tape with the top edge of the steel. Measure the area A of the heater tape rectangle in m^2. Divide 50 W/m by A to get the value to use in Internal Heat Generation in W/m^3.
      In the 2D settings, make sure you used 1 m as the thickness.
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