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Heat pipe / vapor chamber physics model

    • Nawaf Rasheed

      Greetings all

      I want to model heat pipe, and it does have the following schematic:


      I'm wondering what the best physics model in fluent to my case?

      Is it muiltphase model? 

      Note that the layer in the middle is going to be filled with vapor water after boiling water wick layer.

      Here is a video on how heat pipes work: Click here


      And if there is any information I it could help me, please share it



    • C N
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Nawaf,

      I would recommend you to use the evaporation and condensation model for your case in which if you are only interested in heat transfer effects , I would suggest the thermal phase change method. I have attached the user guide link where you can learn how to set up the model.Other wise use the lee model.

      14.7.5. Evaporation-Condensation Model (ansys.com)- about the theory where you can understand the physics and eqns involved.

      25.4. Setting Up the Mixture Model (ansys.com)- Please refer 25.4.1


      I hope this helps you in your simulation.



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