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Heat tranfer – radiation

    • jacobian

      Hello everyone,

      I have a question regarding radiation modelling. In the link it says, that for the P-1 radiation model  the expression. (5.3-6) can be directly substituted into energy equation to account for heat sources or sinks due to radiation. What about the Discrete Ordinate Method? What will be the form of eq. 5.3-6 in the DO model?  https://www.afs.enea.it/project/neptunius/docs/fluent/html/th/node112.htm

      THanks in advance


      If I understand correctly in P-1 model we have the transport equation for G. In the DO method we calculate the Radiative transfer equation.  The frequency of the calulcation of the RTE depends on the "Energy iterations per Radiation iteration". But I still I understand that energy equation requires the source term from the DO model ?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Check the maths/theory guide for the DO model. Remember that it doesn't necessarily need to account for fluid absorbing energy so may simple transport heat from one surface to another.  There will also be references (look for [1234] in the documentation) which may explain in more detail. P1 assumes the media is optically thick so energy is expected to be absorbed very quickly. 

      As an aside: documentation is available from "help" in the R19.x and 2019Rx builds: third party sites may also contain malicious code. 

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