Heat Transfer , Fluid Flow on buried a pipe

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      I started working on a model that study the relation of heat transfer between the ground temperature and a buried pipe with specific fluid  inlet " water" temperature which is on my case 42 C , and water velocity 1 m/s.




      Here, I have considered the ground as pure conduction to know the result. later on i will consider it as pours media  I have set and defined all boundary conditions.  




      Here below my assumption


      1)    1) I built up my model on 2D Axis symmetry.


      2)      2) My model geometry Inlet fluid , outlet fluid , Insulation ,inner wall , outer wall , grout material with high thermal conductivity , soil     


      3)     3)  I have defined an insulation between the inlet and outlet so any heat transfer between the inlet fluid and outlet fluid is minor.


      4)     4)  Ground temperature at the boundary set to 30 C.


      5)    5)   I initialize the systems based on ground temperature.


      6)      6) Transient, Number of time step 86,400 second , time step size 1 second.

       My question is when the simulation is completed. the result show that there is a heat transfer between the pipe and ground but the issue is the outlet fluid temperature is still the same as inlet.

      Can you please answer me. Project archive is already attached  


    • Raef.Kobeissi

      Hello, I checked your file and there are too many unnecessary walls in your model. can you please provide an explanatory image of where the ground is, and all boundary conditions. The case is overcrowded with walls and it is a bit confusing.

      I checked the heat flux from your case : does that look familiar, do you think there is something not right with the flux through these walls?


              Total Heat Transfer Rate                  (w)

                   grout-outerpipewall           -2035.8265

            grout-outerpipewall-shadow            2036.7339

                    groutopentoambient           -151.38385

          innerwallandinsulation-fluid           -40.838753

      innerwallandinsulation-fluid-shadow            37.533043

        innerwallandinsulation-fluid.1           -1300.5723

      innerwallandinsulation-fluid.1-shadow            1283.4396

                innerwallopentoambient           -41.523998

                  insulation-innerwall            2.4165578

           insulation-innerwall-shadow           -2.5004992

               insulationopentoambient            -12.83927

                       outerwall-fluid            -6680.623

                outerwall-fluid-shadow             6681.624

                outerwallopentoambient           -136.88316

                            soil-grout           -1881.8057

                     soil-grout-shadow            1881.9219

                      soilopenboundary           -1454.7465

                     soilopentoambient           -230.32222


                                   Net           -2046.1968

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