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Kampus Merdeka Belajar

Heat transfer radiation through glass

    • Naufal Putra Nabahan


      currently iam modeling a PV panel inside a plastic casing with glass thats allow sunlight to irradiate PV, glass part in fig.1 showing as color red with heatflow 700W/m2.

      But the temperature result at PV panel surface inside casing as below


      iam thinking the result will showing temperature contour will be square at center because the glass is rectangle and heat is uniform at the surface. So how can i model glass as transparent object that can allow radiation heattransfer?

      i put radiation at top glass surface (emissivity=0,89 and correlation to ambient) and PV surface (emissivity=0,89 and correlation surface to surface) with same material common glass

    • Raihan Lutfianto

      I don't really get what your problem is. Where is the heat source in your model? Are you going to model the "Sun" in this case? You may explain in Bahas Indonesia if it is necessary

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