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General Mechanical

Heavy rst file, 45 gb, reason

    • kaitova

      Hi, could you please advise why the rest file can be so heavy, 45 GB?

      Can the reason be mesh? Or that it is transient? The cases for 4 point lift,upending have smaller weight.

      Thank you for help

    • MTBXC

      You probably have a lot of points of results. Reduce the "Minimum Substeps" or Output Controls - from "All Time Points" parameter to another option.

    • peteroznewman

      MTBXC has the right approach, reduce the number of output time points. Doing that you could reduce the file size by a factor of 10.

      You can cut the result file almost in half if you turn off output of Strain and only output Stress and Deflection.

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