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Hello guys. I have question about fluent in 2D

    • 지완 서

      I test 2D cylinder(D=1m) in Re=100(Laminar)

      we can see Karman vortex, and i got Cd=1.3xx

      I think 1.3xx quite good.

      I retry 2D cylinder(D=2m) in Re=100

      The change is that the velocity has decreased by half.

      Then i got Cd=3.xx.

      I know Cd is depend on Re and form...

      I don't know why Cd is different..

      My English is bad.

      Thanks read my question. :)


    • Federico Alzamora Previtali
      Ansys Employee

      Hello, thank you for your question. This looks like a duplicate post. Please follow the discussion on the original post: Hello guys, i calculate Cd in 2D by fluent (

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