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    • abhishekdubey

       I am working on simulating a flow of a Refrigerant (R-134a) through a jet in air using DPM model on ansys with air as the continuous phase. While using the droplet model in dpm(after turning species transfer on) I want the evaporating specie to be R-134a, but I am only getting nitrogen oxygen and water in the options. If you can suggest how to get it there.

      I am studying the droplet diameter variation of R-134a and the temperature variation in the surrounding continous phase(i.e air) and how the refrigerant particles are evaporating before hitting the wall.

      Thanks :)

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      Once you have the injection set and the species model on you need to edit the mixture-template (fluid) to include the species of interest. I suspect we don't have R-134a in the material properties so you'll need to edit/add these into the model. Similarly you need to add a droplet material for R-134a as we not have that either.
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