Hello I want to build a grating model to get the positive and negative first-ord

    • Qin Pan


      But the light intensity information in the monitor seems to be wrong. The diffraction light intensity at the zeroth order should be the largest, and then decrease successively, but the light intensity at plus or minus 1000nm in the monitor suddenly increases. What is the reason?

      I change the single wavelength from 400 to 500nm, and this kind of curve appears, but the energy at 0 decreases instead? Could it be my monitor added wrong?

      If a beam of plane wave is incident vertically from above, I think about the diffraction light intensity information of this model. Is the modeling method in the above picture correct? Looking forward to your reply, thank you very much!

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee




      参见例子 Diffraction grating

      Ansys Insight: 关于光栅衍射级及其计算 (目前乱码显示)

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