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Help for Solving a combustion simulation for sector in IC engine

    • lmedjo

      Hi to everyone,

      Please I'm trying to work with the tutorial "Solving a combustion simulation for sector" in IC engine and I need some tutorial files (tut_comb_sect.x_t,injection-profile,Diesel_1comp_35sp_chem.inp, and Diesel_1comp_35sp_therm.dat).

      If anyone can help me send me those files at

      Thank you.


    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      All tutorials are available online, You will have to download them yourself.

      The files for this particular case can be downloaded from the help here. Also, see:

      Post 1

      Post 2

      Post 3


    • lmedjo

       Thanks for help but I tried all those examples to activate help online and each time I have this:

      Note: I did RMB on the link of your post and have pasted it on the browser of the ANSYS workbench 19.2 help 

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