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General Mechanical

Help Needed for Viscoelastic thermal-structural transient simulation.

    • Parth Jain

      Hi, I have a viscoelastic material with know properties, such as prony parameters, WLF C1 and C2 shift factor constants, in a stainless steel container and I want to put it through a temperature cycle to find the residual stress after the thermal cycle.

      after the structural analysis I can't seem to find a huge residual stress (it is in the factor of 10e-8 MPa)

      Any help would be appreciated, Thanks

    • Bill Bulat
      Ansys Employee

      I think it might help us help you if you can share an image (Engineering Data screenshot) of your viscoelastic properties and give us some sense of the duration of the transient analysis and the kind of transient loading that the material is being subjected to (or maybe what level of stress is attained during the transient simulation).




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