Help request: Unexplainable error in calculating the conduction paths

    • Moritz Hafkemeyer


      I'm a german university student and I'm currently working on my Bachelor Thesis. The Plan is to design inductors and print them with a 3D printer for PCBs. Therefore I want to check the inductance of the designed coil.

      The coil was modeled in Solidworks an imported to Ansys Electronic Desktop. I'm using AnsysEM/20.2. There are also some older versions on our system, but no newer ones. 

      When starting the magnetostaic Simulation it crashs at some point with the given Error message, eventhough all the validation checks are ok and I am able to plot the Conduction path.

      What could be the problem? What is meant by "Wrong Mesh"?

      I hope somebody knows the answere! Thank you very much for your help!


      3D Model and Validation checkError in calculating the conduction paths

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Moritz,

      Can you import the coil without the two cylinders on both sides and create them in Maxwell? Use regular polyhedron with multiple segments instead if cylinder under draw tools.



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