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HELP! Unfolding a weird cone!

    • joao.gaspar


      I need to unfold a conic sheet so i can cun it on a laser CNC and then fold it.

      I try pretty much everything and i was not able to unfold the surface of this 'cone'


      This is a cone with different base centers:

      Top view:  

      Please let me know if you have any idea on how i can unfold this.



    • ERab
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Joao , the surface of that cone needs a split down it in it to be flattened. 

      1) In the sheet metal tab, turn on covert and click the cone. 

      2) then click the sheet metalsplit tool, and click an edge to add a split. 

      3) Then pick the purple face and click unfold

    • joao.gaspar

      Hi Ethan Rabinowitz

      It works, thanks a lot!

      I was splitting the body and then convert to sheet metal, when really i shoud split it only after converting to sheet metal....

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