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Help With an Error: Update failed for the Analysis component in Mechanical APDL.

    • Emilie Henning


      I am running into the error:
      "Update failed for the Analysis component in Mechanical APDL. The solver failed with a non-zero exit code of : 1"

      I am using the mechanical component in Workbench to eventually visualize a volumetric mesh created outside of Ansys. I have created a .csv file that uses the /Prep7 command, lists my nodes, uses the ET command, defines my elements, and lastly the cdwrite command to write the .db file needed. I'm able to upload this csv file to the analysis box in the Mechanical APDL module but when I try to update it, I get the above error. 

      Can anyone help me with what that error means? I haven't found any documentation on it. 

      Thank you!

    • Chandra Sekaran
      Ansys Employee

      May be you can try opening MAPDL directly (without Workbench) and read this file. I am wondering if the format for the nodes/element definition is somehow incorrect. You can open MAPDL from Start> ANSYS23.1>Mechanical APDL Product launcher. Then within MAPDL GUI you can use File> Read input from... and read the file. There is also an output window (in addition to the GUI) where you can see the responses to the commands. And if there is some issue with the format you should see that error pop up on the screen as well as show in the output window.

    • Emilie Henning

      Thank you for your reply! I have been running Ansys jobs through mechanical itself. However, I have encountered an error with a couple elements so I was hoping to view those elements to see their shape. I'm not aware of a way to get Mechanical to label the nodes/elements in the GUI so I can tell which element is which. This is why I was trying to view the mesh in Workbench, since you can label nodes/elements in there. 


      Do you know of a way to label nodes/elements in the GUI in Mechanical? Or another way I can view my mesh with those nodes/elements labeled so I know which is which?



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