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Help with Ansys Steady State Thermal Analysis

    • mc77

      Hi! I have some questions about setting up the boundary conditions for steady state thermal analysis. I am modeling a copper cylinder at 250 C radiating to a heat flux gauge (which I model as a small stainless steel disk).

      Can I define two boundary conditions on one surface?

      Should I define temperature across the entire cylinder and then have it also radiating surface to surface with the disk, or should I only define temperature on the top half of the cylinder?

      On the top half, can I have convection, radiation and temperature as conditions?

      Finally, I am a little bit confused by the different outputs I can get from a solution. What is the difference between total heat flux and directional heat flux? And how do these differ from the results I get with a radiation probe on either surface?

      Thanks for the help :-)

    • Kishan Konannavar
      Ansys Employee
      For the sake of clarity and to get better understanding of the problem, could you please post relevant screenshots of your problem.
      Thank you
    • Rob
      Forum Moderator
      Duplicate https://forum.ansys.com/discussion/39233/help-with-steady-state-thermal-analysis#latest
      Friendly suggestion, don't post in multiple threads. It annoys the moderators.
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