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Help With Stent Model for FYP

    • moseybyrne

      hi guys,

      im doing an FEA on a coronary stent for my FYP in college (Mechanical and biomedical engineering im GMIT Ireland)

      I have created a stent model using CREO parametric, but when I import my file into ansys it becomes distorted and the geometry does not look correct, how can i correct this?  

      i have added an image of the model that is generated incorrectly and an image of what it should look like from creo.

      I have also added the IGES File.

      any help at all would be greatly appreciated!




    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      As ANSYS Staff, we can not download attachments. Please insert images using insert image functionality. 

      please split the body in 5-6 parts in creo. also try to split some faces lengthwise. then export. 




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