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Help with: Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Part 2 | Ansys Innovation Space

    • Nate K.

      Hello Forum,

      I am looking for help with the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine courses part 1 and part 2 in Ansys Innovation Space. I have completed part 1, but at the end it mentions using a "professional" / improved mesh for the turbine analysis. However, the link to download the improved mesh does not work / leads to an error page. Moving on to course part 2, which I have mostly completed, but in the results plots the cm plot does not match the instructor's plot (its not as curved and the flow time is longer), and when checking mesh under "general" it says there are some issues.

      I am thinking part 2 requires the improved mesh in part 1. Doesn anyone know if this is correct? And, how would I contact the creator of part 1 for a fixed link to the mesh or a mesh file? Or any other ideas?

      Thanks, Nate 

    • Rob
      Forum Moderator

      Please can you post the link that's failing? It's more likely the Web & Content teams need to review, and they may not know anything about the course or solver or file storage depending on their roles. 

    • Nate K.

      Yes, here is a direct link to the refined mesh file as given from the course and which is not working: https://www.ansys.com/AnsysInnovationCourses/SimCafeExamples/Vertical%20Axis%20Wind%20Turbine%20-%20Part%201/mesh_refined.zip

      And if it helps, here is a link to the the Ansys course page which has the above link inserted into it (under last section titled "Mesh Refinement": https://courses.ansys.com/index.php/courses/vertical-axis-wind-turbine-part-1/lessons/verification-validation-lesson-7-3/

    • Nilay Pedram
      Ansys Employee

      The link has been fixed. Could you please check?

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