Hemisphere radius and height change

    • smzia

      Dear Altruists,

      I used hemisphere in a simulaion. Whenever I tried to change the radius, it's height has also been changed. I want to keep the radius same while varying the height. 

      Attached please find the related image. Could you please give some suggestions about how can I get different height for same radius?


    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Hemisphere is a half sphere, right? when the radius changes, its height must be changed to keep the sphere shape.

      If you only want to change the radius amd keep the height, you will need to modify the script, lower the sphere center, and use another rectangle to override the redundant part of the Hemisphere when the radius is changed.

      You may also try other method, such as Conic:  Surface structure object - Simulation Object you will need to test and confirm it works as desired.

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