LS Dyna

LS Dyna

Hex Meshing Error: No mappable volume found!

    • Fernando Torres

      How to 'solid mesh' this geometry through LS-PREPOST? Thanks :)

    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee

      Hi, did you have splits in your model, you need to split to have an mappable faces, or you may want to opt for ANSA or third party tools to have an proper meshing onto to solids. 

      Cheers, Ram 

    • Reno Genest
      Ansys Employee


      Have a look at the LS-PrePost training:

      You can mesh this geometry using tet elements. Or, if you need hex elements, you will have to slice the geometry into sweepable bodies. There is more information in the training above.

      Or, if you have access to Ansys Workbench, you can try using the Multizone meshing method in Mechanical to have hex mesh on this geometry. Or, you can use SpaceClaim to slice the geometry into sweepable bodies.



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