HFSS 3D Layout – error when editing imported layout design from ODB++ file


    • Meng Ke

      I have imported a design with two ICs on two ends ans ICs are connected through transmission lines. Then I ]have cut this design in the middle so it can be used to run the EM simulation with the IC pins to transmission line traces. However, I can't edit this cutout design, I can't modify or delete the transmission line traces.

      1) Got an error messge "No destroyable item(s) were selected" when I selected the line and deleted it.

      2) Trying to setup a port at the edge of transmission line edge by selecting the edge of the line and clicking "Port --> create", the error message showed " one or more selected edges are not valid for port membership". 

      Does anyone knows how to fix this?

      Thanks in davance. 


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