HFSS Communication Failure

    • ycherivirala


      I am trying to run an EM simulation in HFSS and the simulation runs fine when I use a lumped port in Driven Modal type. When I change the solution type to Driven Terminal and also change the settings of lumped port accordingly, the simulation fails. Also when I make a simple change in my 3D model, the Driven Modal type simulation is also failing.


      The error I am getting is as below: 

      [error] Communication failure. System error no: 109, error description:Unknown error

      [error] Communication failure. System error no: 0, error description:No error

      [error] Solving adaptive frequency ..., process hf3d exited with code -1073741819.

      [error] Communication failure. System error no: 232, error description:Unknown error

      [error] Simulation completed with execution error on server: Local Machine.


      I have tried looking online but couldn't get much help on the exit code. Can someone help me understand what does this error mean ?


    • Angel

      is it possible to upload the file?

    • HamzaKiani

      I'm also encountering the same problem for a 2-D array of antennas. Anyone knows the solution or some other EDA forum where I can find the solution of this problem?

    • karachupex


      I solved it by run program as administrator.


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