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HFSS – Exporting Current Distribution Surface Plot as CSV


    • Daylon Hester

      I have a patch array antenna with Jsurf plots generated at 4 input phases [0,90,180,270]deg. How can I export one of these plots as a csv or some file type that I could read into some other software to generate vector scalable graphics? Could I accomplish this with the fields calculator? I've struggled to find good resources for this.

    • Faezeh Ladani
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Daylon,

      Yes, you can do it using fields calculator. From the Output column, you can either "Export" the data on your desired grid. Or you can "Write" the data on mesh nodes of the surface you choose. We have detailed help document about fields calculator, you may just search for fields calculator in the online help or on the pdf go to Post Processing and Generating Reports 23-408. 



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