HFSS: FEBI to IE continuous current

    • bamdadslr

      Hi all,

      I want to model a very large model in HFSS, which is basically two metallic poles (like transmission line towers) with a distance of say 500 m in between, and a metallic wire is attached between these two over a lossy ground. To reduce the computational time, I want to rely on a statement found in HFSS tutorials: 'current will be continuous across domains', and consider a only a small air box around both metallic towers (applied FEBI on their boundary) and define the metallic wire as an IE object between them. This way, the wire starts from tower 1, comes out of the air box around tower 1, goes to the air box around tower 2 and enters it and finally attaches to the body of tower 2. The concept is something similar to the reflector antenna (picture attached).

      Can anyone help me to see if such a configuration is correct?


    • rtk
      Ansys Employee


      As far as your explanation on how FE-BI boundaries have given to the two poles and IE to the wire between them, the model boundary setup is fine and good to go.



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