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HFSS/HFSS-IE Antenna Reflector Gain/Efficiency accounting

    • hxb160030

      Hello Ansys representative, 

      • I am using the near field solutions of a 300GHz patch array designed in the 65-nm CMOS process and exciting a cassegrain reflector structure in HFSS IE. I get the gain, directivity and efficiency numbers (listed in the slide attached) from — 

        • A single element excitation (say element 1, 2 , 3 … etc)

        • 7 individual elements (active array not connected — neither in series nor in parallel) excited at the same time 

        • And after the 7 element array’s near field solution data is fed to the reflector in HFSS IE. 

      • Could you please help me understand — does the reflector’s antenna parameters (obtained from HFSS IE) include the array’s efficiency effects? Considering gain vs directivity — is the efficiency counted twice - once in HFSS for array simulation and second in HFSS-IE for reflector simulation? 

      • If we are going to use gain, we have to use the power delivered to the antenna not the total radiated power from the circuit?

      Thanks and Regards,


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