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HFSS : How to get characteristic impedance using terminal network solution?

    • Jungwoo Lee

      Hello, I'm trying to simulate the transmission line such as below.

      There are 2 conductors as Ground and Signal electrode.

      I used lumped ports at the starting and end point, which has a 50 ohm impedance, and I got the S21 and S11 versus frequency I set.

      Actually, I want to know the characteristic impedance of this structure. However, for terminal network I can obtain Z/S/Y parameters, but I cannot get the characteristic impedance directly.

      Even though I already know that we can get characteristic impedance from S-parameter using post calculation by matlab, I want to know how to get characteristic impedance in this terminal network solution directly.

    • Praneeth
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Jungwoo Lee,

      Thank you for reaching out to the Ansys Learning Forum.

      Please use modal lumped port for obtaining the characteristic impedance if you are using the latest version of AEDT. If you are not using the latest version, please use wave port excitation in the Modal solution type to get the characteristic impedance. For detailed information please go through the HFSS help document.

      Best regards,

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