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    • naftali.herscovici


      I am looking to get the information of all HFSS instances running at a certain time

      All I could find in the manual is this command for VBA

      set obj = oRunningInstances.GetAllRunningInstances()

      Assuming there are two instances running I would like to get the following information. Something like

      for i=0 to 1

      debug.print obj(i).Name

      debug.print obj(i).Path

      debug.print obj(i).Projects()

      debug.print obj(i). Designs()

      next i

      The code above does not work. Not sure how to do it


    • Praneeth
      Ansys Employee

      I see that you are using debug .print command.
      May I know from where you got to know about this command?
      Are you using the correct syntax for it?
      Please check once.
      All the very best Praneeth.
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