HFSS linked source simulation in SBR+ solver

    • sph711

      Hi there,

      I have a antenna field measurement and a '.and' file, produced from it, that I would like to use in HFSS with the SBR+ solver to compute its installed performance.

      I can easily link the measurement to 'driven modal' or 'driven terminal' simulations by assigning a linked field excitation. This works fine, but the linked filed excitation option is not available for 'SBR+' simulations.

      Furthermore I tried to create an antenna as a 3D component in the 'SBR+' simulation by a link to a source design and this works fine with actual antenna models. However, when the linked source contains the linked field excitation via the .and file I cannot create the antenna and i get the error message: 'The parnter design name of the link cannot be empty.'

      Any suggestions on how to circumvent this problem?



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