HFSS Overlapping Frequency Sweeps

    • 2purrcent

      Hi all,

      I've been under the impression (perhpaps wrongly) with past versions of HFSS, that if an overlapping Discrete and Interpolating frequency sweep are defined under a solution setup, that the interpolating would start from the discrete solution and further refine that. With the 2018 version I've noticed significant discrepancies between discrete and interpolating sweeps. For example, a cavity coupled to a waveguide shows a resonance (looking at S11) at 9.6GHz on the discrete sweep, and 9.8GHz on the interpolating sweep. From this it seems pretty clear that the frequency sweep solutions are unrelated to each other, and only related to the Solution Setup Last Adaptive Pass.

      Can anyone confirm whether or not there is a way to make Interpolating act as a further refinement of the Discrete solution in HFSS 2018?


      Thanks in advance!

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