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HFSS – Problem with re-opening model after crash

    • Chi Zhang

      My HFSS simulation crashed today (which happens from time to time). Usually I just copy and paste and rename the .aedt file and .aedtresults folder and move on. However, this time I am encountering a new error, and not only was I not able to recover the simulation data (which takes days to run), but half the models were gone as well. The error message when re-opening original and copied-and-pasted-and-renamed files are screenshotted here.

      Any idea on how to recover the model and data in this case?

    • Chinmay T
      Ansys Employee


      These type of errors usually occurs when you are moving/copying the .aedt file to some other file location without archiving it.
      Please let us know which AEDT version you are using and is the tool crashing only for one model or different models?
      You can not recover the model and data as it is pointing to some temprory locations. I suggest you archive the files before copying or moving them to the other directories.
      Thank you,
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