HFSS scripting error messages are not reflected in log-box.

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    • AndyJP

      HFSS 2021R1 scripting is very unstable and stops without visible reason; and may continue smoothly when restarted without any trace of the error.

      Sometimes there are visible reasons for a script to stop.

      But the problem I want to discuss today is that any error that came with a pop-up box is not reflected in log window. So there is a certain difficulty tracing it back when you have regained control over UI; MessageBox() is a blocking window during which UI is inaccessible, you have to click the OK button there.

    • VivekKamble
      Ansys Employee

      Are you facing this problem repetitively? you mentioned restarting the AEDT resolved the problem, so if you are getting this error more frequently, Please let us know we can look closure into this.

      Regards Vivek
    • AndyJP
      Yes. it is repetitive. And I think, it is in Microsofts VBS engine. It does not allow declaring types explicitly, change them on the fly; and something happens when calling time format functions. I removed that time thing, and converted everything manually to CDbl, now it works.

      One would say "use python". Maybe. But IronPython is dead, and I can not comprehend languages where a pair of white-spaces define a distance between life and death.

      Anyway, there were complications in tracking the problem, because the error is not reflected in the log-box; as I said.
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