HFSS simulation clarification

    • underground45

      I was simulating a patch antenna for resonant frequency of 2.5GHz and my S11 has a peak at 2.55Ghz, how do I get it to 2.50Ghz?

      I am uploading my project. I figured adjusting the length of the patch will do the trick but I have tried and I lose more -dBs when I do that. Any help? Thanks

    • VivekKamble
      Ansys Employee

      The antenna resonance frequency depends on many parameters such as the length & width of the patch, the height of the substrate, etc.

      You can optimize the design by using Optimetrics in the project manager window. 


      Right-click on Optometrics >> Add parametric then add parameters and Analyze.

      Please refer HFSS help document for more information. 

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