HFSS- simulation of one direction periodic strucutres (unit cell antenna)


      For two-dimensional infinite periodic structures in HFSS, the Slave  and Master boundaries and Floquet port are used.

      In my design, the unit cell needs to be infinity extended in only one direction and finite in the other direction; the antenna size is 1x infinity. 

      Which boundaries should be applied for this case?

      Is it recommended to use Floquet or wave port in this case?

      I used Floquet port with S/M boundaries applied in one direction and it gave me an error.






    • asamaiyar

      In my experience, I have got very similar results with both Floquet Port and Wave Port. So you may just use the wave port in your case. But I would recommend making sure that you are launch the right modes from your wave port. One way of doing this is by assigning a wave port in an empty unit cell and absorbing boundary (Radiation or PML) on the bottom face and checking the E and H fields.

    • robinirazoqui

      To add to above response, you still need to assign the master/slave conditions in the direction of the linear array

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