HFSS solving at too low frequency error

    • MoBeygi

      I'm trying to calculate the SAR around a device made of metallic traces on top of a silicon substrate that is placed inside a 7 T MRI. This device is placed in a dielectric material (polyacrylic acid gel) and then inside a 300.5 MHz birdcage coil that I have designed for this purpose. While everything looks OK before running the simulations, the simulation fails in the beginning when generating mesh data and solving the initial step with returning the following error:

      "Project: Pt_ohmicheat2, Design:HFSSDesign2 (DrivenModal), Solving adaptive frequency ..., process hf3d error: Failed to solve port Bottom_5, solving at too low frequency is a possible cause. (2:52:12 PM  Dec 06, 2019)"

      I would really appreciate it if you could help me find the source of this error and address this issue.

      Thank you.

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