HFSS stops working when I use python to insert design.

    • patrick0606

      I try to use python to control HFSS for modeling and analyzing. The win32com module is used for the connection between python and HFSS. 

      At first, it works well. However, it suddenly cannot work. When I use python to insert design in a project, HFSS stops working. The error

      occurs while my script runs to this oDesign = oProject.InsertDesign("HFSS", "HFSSDesign1", "DrivenModal", "") (other functions, such as

      connection from Python to HFss and create new project, are okay)

      Python shows com_error: (-2147023170, 'remote procedure call failed', None, None)

      This error bothers me a lot. Is there someone can help me? Thank you. 


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