HFSS Waveport Setting

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    • Joe Suat Chai
      1. For single-ended signal, should I create the waveport individually, 2-in-1 if two traces are closed to each other at CPU escape region or I can create all of them in one same group?

        Waveport type
      2. How to define the value for Horizontal Extent Factor and PEC Launch Width for waveport?

      Horizontal Extent Factor and PEC Launch Width

      3. If the waveports cannot be aligned, what is guideline to keep for X and Y or as long as they are not touching/shorting each other? Will these overlapping ports cause any additional crosstalk in simulation?

      XY Gap

    • Praneeth
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Joe,

      Thank you for reaching out to us and we appreciate your patience. 

      Please note that we need more details to provide guidance to you on the simulation model. This will be a more involved process as we need to understand the model to guide you. Unfortunately, this cannot be done in this forum. 

      Kindly raise a service ticket if you have service access.

      Best regards,

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