High field mobility increasing simulation time

    • Mariah Ha

      Hi , 

      I would like to ask if it is normal that a simulation in Charge where there is a physical model for Silicon material (SRH+Auger +basic mobility...) takes for example 20 minutes without enabling high field mobility parameter, and takes 9 times more time to run when I enable the high field mobility (approx 3 hours) ? 

      Note that I did not change any parameter , no change in meshing or anything else except the high field mobility which was off and turned on. Am I doing something wrong here?

      Thank you.


    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Even though you do not change the mesh manually, the solver its self may have already refined the mesh, as the solver uses auto, adaptive meshing to accommodate high field. The mesh depends on geometry, dopping, field etc.

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