High Heat Flux Balance

    • Melvin96

      Hi, I am new to Ansys and currently trying to simulate heat transfer over a simple cold plate. I have done the following to my model and mesh:

      1)Share Topology

      2)Mesh with Orthogonal Quality of 0.18

      3)Set cell zone condition at velocity-inlet/pressure-outlet and heatflux

      4)Determine BC at the the cell zone condition

      After running the calculation, I achieved a logical contours as shown. But under my heat flux report, the value is 3000+ watts. Can anyone provide any insights as to how i can troubleshoot this issue? Thanks!

      (Steady state was chosen with psuedo transient checked)

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      Can you just select, the outlet, inlet and the wall you are appliyng the heat flux in the Flux report? Show your monitor plots and residual plots too?n
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