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Honeycomb DOE using parametrization in SpaceClaim

    • vagraw13

      I'm analyzing a honeycomb unit cell using periodic boundary conditions for a representative volume element. I have its inner hexagon inscribed circle radius and thickness as the varying parameters. I designed the cell using Python Scripting in SpaceClaim and parametrized both the dimensions there (see image). After simulation in Static-Structural, I want to perform DOE, but it's not working. I'm getting the same output values for all the combinations of input parameters. Those output values are for the geometry I initially made in SpaceClaim. I also tried name selection in SpaceClaim but it's still not taking any different input values. Also, it's showing 0 as the initial values in the design table. I'm using ANSYS 19 R3.

      Please help.

      SpaceClaim Design with Parameters

      Design of Experiments in Static Structural

      Thanks & Regards


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