How accelerate simulation on HPC?

    • mingdian

      Hi. I am using AnsysEM 19.1 (linux system) on HPC for parameter sweeping (see Figure 1). The project includes 1680 cases and will take nearly 2 days to complete. However, the HPC has a time limit (at most 1 day). I wonder if there is any method I can accelerate the progress and shorten the time into 1 day? I list my questions as following:

      1. Do you have any advice on running AnsysEM 19.1 on HPC? To accelerate the parameter sweeping progress?
      2. I have updated Number of Processors (see Figure 2). It seems it has some help to the simulation. Is the number of processors should be the number of CPU core of the HPC machine I allocate?
      3. I also changed Analysis Configuration (see Figure 3 and Figure 4)and updated the core number to be the core number of HPC machine I am using. Does it help the simulation?
      4. I should set HPC License be Pool, right?
      5. How could I use GPU for Ansys (Enable GPU in Figure 5)? Will it be helpful to speed up the simulation progress?
      6. Is there a checkpoint and restart function on AnsysEM 19.1? For example, I can pause parameter sweeping, save the progress and close the software. Later then, I can load the checkpoint and restart the parameter sweeping.
      7. Is there any method that I can monitor CPU/Memory usage during running the software?

      That's all my questions. Thank you!

      Figure 1

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