how Ansys Aqwa solve the hydrodynamic diffraction ?

    • assaturn

      Hi, dear community

      I am using the simulation done by Ansys Aqwa to write my thesis. it is about calculating the RAOs, added mass, the damping coefficient of the ship by using the function of Hydrodynamic diffraction. 

      My question is, what is the theory behind Ansys Aqwa?, how does it calculate RAOs, added mass and damping coefficients? I mean the general theory, for example, green function? or 3d panel method?



    • OguzhanMercan


      I also use the Ansys Aqwa while writing my thesis. I am working on springing behaviour in container ships, and I am looking for answers to the same questions.

      I would like to contact you. I think we can help each other.

      Best regards

      Oguzhan Mercan

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